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Breakthrough product of the year has flipped the sleep industry on its head (literally)...

Experience Your Very Own SleepBand And FEEL It Guide You To Sleep Instantly!

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  • has it all

    Contains built-in super slim adjustable headphones and a simple audio outlet. No plastic means unbelievably soft comfort. No more sore or uncomfortable ears!

  • irresistibly comfortable design

    The SleepBand pampers your ears with a unique polyester and lycra blend keeping your head and ears cool and comfortable all night long.

  • guaranteed perfect fit

    Each SleepBand is stretchable and certain to fit your head perfectly.

  • easy to use

    Simply place on your head, plug in your bedtimes tunes, and push play. It's so simple!

  • multi-purpose

    Also great for use when listening to AudioBooks, watching a movie, or even when you're catching a flight and want to get some rest on the plane!

  • save more, sleep more

    Buy 1 get 54% off. buy 2 get 71% off. buy 3 get 76% off.


the gift of sleep is here. join thousands worldwide and experience natural, rejuvenating sleep like never before

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