Create The Best Sleep Environment With These 5 Steps

Sleep Hacks

Your bedroom needs to be an oasis of comfort in order to facilitate good sleep. It’s easier than you think to upgrade your room to make it an optimal sleeping environment. All it takes is a few key touches so that you’ll fall into a blissful slumber right away each night. Well, that’s the goal anyway. Here are 5 steps to creating the best sleep environment possible right in your own home.

Get Rid of The Television

It’s that “blue light” emitted from the television that’s going to disrupt your sleep cycle. You want to turn off the television a minimum of 90 minutes before you intend to fall asleep. That also goes for all your other tech with screens, including your smartphone, tablets, and laptops. It’s a hard adjustment to make if you are used to constantly staring into your screen, but once you ban them right before bed, you’ll find that you fall asleep much easier. Read an actual book, listen to soft music, or even color in one of those adult coloring books to help you relax before bed.

Paint The Walls a Comforting Color

The bedroom is not a place for loud or bright colors. So that bold red accent wall you have in there, needs to go. Sorry about that. Paint over it with something in the neutral or blue family. Soft colors are quite soothing, so when you sit in there getting ready for bed you’ll be influenced by the calm decor of your bedroom.

Make Sure The Temperature Is Right

Ever try to sleep when it’s too hot? Or too cold? Either way, it’s best to set your bedroom at the right temperature for sleep. Most people tend to keep it on the warm side, which can make sleeping more difficult. There is an optimal temperature and that’s around 65 degrees according to what most sleep studies have found. If you like a ton of cozy blankets, you might want to drop it down as low as 60 degrees. The National Sleep Foundation recommends a temperature anywhere between 60-67. So experiment with the temperature in that range to find out what works best for you. One of the biggest problems is that most people have a partner who enjoys a different temperature. Deciding on one that suits you both is key to a happy and restful sleep environment.

Upgrade All Bedding

Flat pillows, low thread count sheets, and an old mattress are not helping your sleep habits. Think about how much time you spend in your bedroom sleeping. It’s ⅓ of your life! Splurge on right, well made bedding, a semi-firm mattress, and pillows that are designed for your best sleep position. If you are a side or stomach sleeper they have developed pillows that cater to your positioning.The more you make your bed comfy for you, the more likely you’ll fall asleep and stay that way all night long.

Try To Listen Yourself To Sleep

You already know to get rid of the screens in your bedroom, but playing soft music while you are trying to fall asleep can help your mind relax. Isn’t that the toughest part about falling asleep? Trying to shut off your mind about everything going on in your life. Your job. The family. Your kids. It’s an endless to-do list loop that can hinder you from falling asleep on time. Or you can try a book on tape if music isn’t your thing, since that can work just as well. Make sure you have some comfortable headphones like SleepBand by Cloud Nine Nights. These are very nice to lay down with because they have a stretchy band that won’t pull at your hair or bother your ears. That way you can relax in comfort while you listen yourself to sleep in your perfect sleeping environment.

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