How Screens Can Screw Up Your Sleep

Sleep Hacks

Did you know that screen time can be keeping you awake? That glare from your treasured smartphone, tablet, or laptop is almost programming you to not go to bed anytime soon. It’s keeping millions of people awake at night because they can’t seem to unplug from the lure of the screens. Many people keep these devices close to their bedside, using them almost constantly until the minute it’s time to close their eyes and try to get some sleep. The word to focus on is “try” because it’s so very hard for your brain to shut down after significant screen time right before beddy bye time. Screens are truly screwing up your sleep, don’t think twice about it. There are solutions when you understand why screen time is messing up your bedtime.

The Science Behind Screen Light

When the day comes to a close and it’s time to shut your eyes, the light of the screen’s glare can keep you awake. The science behind scene light is simple. Electronic devices produce “blue light”, which has a nanometer of about 460. All visible light has a nanometer between 400-700 in wavelength range. Just to give you some perspective, your television is also one of those devices. The flickering light of your devices is going to disrupt your natural circadian rhythm, which is your body’s regular sleep cycle, making it harder to fall asleep. Think about why you turn off your lights at night. A dark, quiet room is more conducive to sleeping. When you are processing light from electronic devices, it’s sending a signal to your brain to turn off melatonin production, which is responsible to kick start sleep, and stay awake.

The fact is that no one really had to worry much about this 50 years ago. Insomnia has always existed, but it’s just more prevalent now in this new age of lighted technology.

Two Real Solutions

This might be hard for you to do if you are addicted to your tech devices. The real solution is twofold. Turn off any screens you have about 90 minutes before bed. Yes, almost two hours might seem like a ton of time to be without your Twitterverse, or updates from all your Facebook buddies, but it will definitely help your eyes and brain slow down to prepare for sleep.

Another solution is to engage your ears to calm down. This can be achieved by using a Sleep Band. This audio device is brought to you by Cloud Nine Nights, who have developed the most comfortable headphones to listen to a book on tape, soft music, or anything else that might lure you to sleep. You can lay down on a pillow with ease, without cumbersome headphones or irritating earbuds. The SleepBand is a guaranteed perfect fit with a stretchy band made of polyester and lycra that will keep your ears cool and head comfortable all night long. Many people are even able to fall asleep on a crowded airplane using these special audio phones.

Give Up On Screens At Night

So giving up on screens at night before bed is going to allow your body to fall into a more restful sleep much faster and easier. You won’t spend hours staring at the ceiling counting the minutes until you have to get up again. Let the gift of sleep finally arrive for you in the right way. Be proactive about turning off your screen devices and turn to the power of soft sounds through perfect SleepBandearbuds to lull you into restful sleep.

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