Why Are You Waking Up All Night?

Sleep Hacks

You know how it goes with falling asleep. Sometimes it happens right away if you are lucky, but then you wake up all night long constantly. What’s the deal with that? Furthermore, how can you stop waking up all the time and disrupting your sleep? Studies have shown that people need a consistent seven to nine hours of sleep per night. When your sleep is fractured it can have a serious impact on your health and wellness. Here are some common reasons that you might be waking up at night and how to fix them for good.

You Have To Use The Bathroom

If you find that you are getting up more than twice a night to go to the bathroom, it’s helpful to cut out liquid two hours before bed. When that doesn’t work, it might be a nice idea to talk to your doctor to make sure there’s nothing wrong with you internally. In men, sometimes an enlarged prostate can make frequent bathroom trips a nuisance. With women an overactive bladder might be the cause, so it’s best to check with your doctor to find out the underlying issue.

Caffeine Is a Problem

Even if you are able to fall asleep after having that late night cafe latte, it still might wake you up later on. The deal with caffeine is to cut it out by about 2 PM each day. So try to sip decaf in the evening or herbal tea without caffeine to combat this issue.

Alcohol Is Another Issue

Sometimes alcohol may seem to let you drift off faster, but over the long night a few drinks can disrupt your sleep habits. Even two alcoholic beverages is going to affect your slumber in a bad way. That nightly half bottle of wine you share with your spouse isn’t doing you any good. It’s a hard habit to break.

The reason being is that alcohol can dehydrate you, causing you to sweat more and wake up. Another problem is that alcohol inhibits REM sleep. That’s the real, deep down sleep that helps you function the next day. Cut back on alcohol completely a few hours before bed if you don’t want it to wreck your whole night’s sleep.

Environmental Causes

Is your smartphone binging all night with notifications that are waking you up? Shut off your phone before bed. Everyone on social media can wait until morning. Your sleep environment needs to be a place of calm relaxation. Try to make sure that the room is dark, noises from other areas of the home aren’t bothering you, and keep the temperature on the low side. All those things out of whack can repeatedly wake you up at night. Do you have a pet that roams the house at night? Lock Fido or Fluffy up in another room so that they aren’t constantly waking you up either.


Stress is a big subconscious sleep interrupter. It might be the fact that what you are worried about during the day is infiltrating your dreams, causing you to wake up more. Even regular run of the mill anxiety and worry can make you more susceptible to waking up in the middle of the night and then having trouble falling back asleep.

Keep in mind that it’s completely normal to wake up a few times during the night, so don’t let that bother you too much. But if your stress level is the problem, you might want to think about some mindful activities that can help calm you down. Learn to meditate or try a yoga practice with deep breathing exercises to aid in relaxing your mind. Being calmer and more centered is going to help you sleep better overall during each night.

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